Is CoreCivic a publicly-traded company?

Yes, the company's stock is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the trading symbol "CXW" and is included in the indices:

  • S&P 600 Small-Cap Index
  • Russell 1000 Index


Is CoreCivic a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)?

No, CoreCivic was previously a REIT effective January 1, 2013, through December 31, 2020.  Effective January 1, 2021, CoreCivic is no longer a Real Estate Investment Trust for the purposes of its federal tax election and is a traditional, taxable C-Corporation.

How do I invest in CoreCivic stock?

Investors can purchase stock through a stockbroker, bank of financial institution.

Does CoreCivic have a Dividend Re-investment Program (DRIP)?


When did CoreCivic stock begin trading publicly?

CoreCivic's initial public offering was in October 1986 on the NASDAQ under the symbol CCAX. The initial number of shares issued was 2 million at a price of $9.00 per share. In December 1994 CoreCivic changed its listing from the NASDAQ to the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CXC. In July 1997 Prison Realty Trust was formed and began trading as a REIT on the NYSE under the symbol PZN, and in January 1999, all shares of CoreCivic common stock converted to PZN at 0.875 shares of PZN for each share of CXC. In October 2000, PZN recombined with CoreCivic, then operating under the corporate name Corrections Corporation of America, to become a single operating company.  The new company reassumed the name Corrections Corporation of America, now CoreCivic, converted back to a C-corporation and began trading on the NYSE under the symbol CXW.

What are CoreCivic's social responsibility beliefs?

CoreCivic places on emphasis on being socially responsible and a strong corporate citizen. For information on what we do to be socially responsible Click Here

CoreCivic is an industry leader in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting and transparency.  See our latest reports from 20182019, and 2020.

Has there ever been a stock split?

Yes, there have been several stock splits over the CoreCivic's history, the last stock split was in July 2007. For more information on stock splits and split ratio's please go to the Dividend and Stock Split section of this site.

Who is CoreCivic's transfer agent?

CoreCivic's transfer agent, American Stock Transfer and Trust (AST), is responsible for maintain all records of registered stockholders (not stock held in a brokerage account). AST can assist registered stockholders in providing stock balances, change of address, lost or stolen certificates, reissuance of certificates etc. Registered stockholders can contact AST at the following address:

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219
Telephone: 1-800-937-5449

Do you have a record of my stock trading activity?

If you hold your shares through a broker, we do not, but your broker should. If you possess the stock certificate(s) please contact our transfer agent, American Stock Transfer & Trust, at 800-937-5449 or register for access to your account by clicking here: