CoreCivic Launches Initiative to Advocate for Federal and State Policies Aimed at Reducing Recidivism

October 31, 2017
Includes Support for “Ban the Box” Legislation and Making Reentry Policies Part of Political Giving Criteria

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CoreCivic (NYSE:CXW) announced today the launch of a nationwide initiative to advocate for a range of government policies, including “Ban the Box” legislation, that will help former inmates successfully reenter society and stay out of prison.  The company also committed to a series of accountability measures, including publicly reporting related advocacy activities on an annual basis and making support for recidivism-reducing policies one of its criteria for evaluating political contributions.

“It makes me so proud when our employees tell me that they view reentry as our company’s purpose,” said Damon T. Hininger, CoreCivic’s President and Chief Executive Officer.  “Yet as successful as we may be with our work inside our facilities, inmates still face embedded societal barriers when they return to their communities.  Supporting recidivism-reducing policies is one way we can bridge the gap and give the inmates in our care – and even those who are not – a better shot at never coming back to prison.”

As part of the initiative, CoreCivic will apply government relations resources and expertise to advocate for the following policies:

  • “Ban-the-Box” proposals to help improve former inmates’ chances at getting a job;
  • Reduced legal barriers to make it easier and less risky for companies to hire former inmates;
  • Increased funding for reentry programs in areas such as education, addiction treatment, faith-based offerings, victim impact and post-release employment; and
  • Social impact bond pilot programs that tie contractor payments to positive outcomes.

For detailed position papers and examples of specific legislation that the company would support, please visit: https:/

CoreCivic has a long-standing policy not to advocate for or against any policy that serves as the basis for – or determines the duration of – an individual’s incarceration or detention.  The company’s government relations activities have historically involved educating officials about the value of partnership corrections, supporting partner agency budget and appropriations requests, and serving as an expert resource on various corrections and detention issues.  After careful study and review by senior management, and with the support of the Board of Directors, CoreCivic took this step as an extension of its commitment to make reentry a “Day One” priority for every employee and to deliver the best reentry value of any correctional system, public or private.

“We hope our support for these policies sends a powerful message to state capitals and our nation’s capital that there is broad consensus around tackling our country’s recidivism crisis,” said Tony Grande, CoreCivic’s Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer.  “Our government partners tell us they want this, and political leaders at both ends of the ideological spectrum are supportive.  We welcome the opportunity to join with others to push forward a comprehensive agenda that could make a big difference in millions of lives if enacted.”

As part of the initiative, CoreCivic will put in place several accountability measures. Both internal and external government relations professionals will confirm and certify that they are aware of, and understand, the company’s reentry agenda and ensure proper reporting and accountability.  The company will also monitor for additional legislative and regulatory matters that may benefit from similar support. On an annual basis, the company will verify and report its government relations activities on reentry policies, which will be reflected in required state and federal lobbying disclosures.  Additionally, CoreCivic will make support for reentry policies one of the criteria considered by its political giving committee when determining financial support for candidates for office.

“Three years ago, we made long-term commitments for our reentry programs that were unprecedented for a public or private system,” added Hininger.  “We want to build on that leadership in a way that continues to redefine the role we can play in helping solve one of the most persistent and complex challenges facing America today.”

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